Andrée Gendron

 © 2020



Born and raised in Massachusetts, the youngest of nine, I now live here with my husband, Bob. Together we have three grown kids, a few grandkids and a cat. We vacation here, there and someday everywhere in our RV. Hubby plays guitar and mandolin, is a model railroad guy and works in cyber security. I work as a quality source inspector. I'm also a writer, artist and generally creative person with most materials, especially clay, wood, cloth, metal, glass, rocks, shells, yarn, beads and trash. I like working on many projects at once. I carry 3x5 note pads around for jotting down ideas or use the notes app on my phone. I wish everyone had a hobby or took more timeout for their hobbies. I feel hobbies are an important part of living a fuller life. God gave us gifts to use. I have to make creative 'me time' every day or I get grumpy and it makes me grimace. It's not pretty. My favorite gift to give and get are magazine subscriptions...hint, hint.

Our lives are less like daily diaries full of mundane routines and outdated thoughts and more like maps showing the routes we've taken, obstacles we've encountered, landmarks and points of interest we've past along a journey.