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Born the youngest of nine in Massachusetts, I continue to live here with my husband, although our hearts are in Nashville. Together we have three grown kids, several grandkids, and a cat. We enjoy going to bluegrass festivals in our RV. Hubby plays guitar and mandolin. I’m slowly learning the upright bass. There’s an HO scale New England circa 1950’s model railroad in our basement. I help with the scenery.

ARTIST - I've always been able to draw. As a child, I enjoyed making my own gifts and greeting cards. There is no one medium I work with. My artwork includes sketches. paintings, clay plaques, wood burning. I even started creating images with leather glued on wood. I enjoy photography and piecing together several photos to paint from. I went to college for Graphic Arts. I would like to see my artwork published.

WRITER - I've always enjoyed thinking up stories. Although I prefer mysteries, horror and sci-fi I like all short and micro fiction. I once took a two-year correspondent's course focused on Fiction Writing. I've written various forms of poetry but prefer haiku. I've had some luck at getting my poetry and stories published. Looking forward to improving my skills there and getting more of my writing published.

CRAFTS - I've worked with yarn, clay, plastic canvas, beads, and fabrics. Currently, I’m designing Barbie doll clothes for a new Etsy shop coming in 2022. I started my first Etsy shop, Memorial Wristbands after my mom died of Covid in May, 2020. She was 97. I've learned much about running an online shop.

FAITH - I was brought up Roman Catholic. Left the church after my Conformation. Went back as a Baptist. Got baptized again. Left again. My favorite New Testament passage is Mathew 20 - The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard. I feel truly blessed. God gifted me with a busy imagination and a certain degree of talent. Working on many projects at once seems to be my curse and my blessing. It can get insane at times. So many project ideas…so little time. Hobbies are an important part of my life. If I don’t make some "me time" every day, I get snarky.

"Nice hair," is the one thing most people say to me. My long hair seems to be my one attractive feature. I seldom wear it the same way one day to the next. It’s mostly chestnut brown with a splash of red and honey blonde highlights. Why? Because I like variety. Also worth noting: I have no ink (tattoos), which makes me feel unique and old-fashioned.

My favorite color is gray. It compliments my need for balance. My favorite noises are waves on the seashore, thunder, and the woods. Silence doesn't count as noise, but I like that too. My favorite gifts include graph paper (so useful), story magazine subscriptions, vintage stuff like depression glass, Americana, and Victorian greeting cards. My best advice: Be a better listener -- talk less -- or both. That and avoid toxic people. My dumbest quote: As long as someone owes me money, I'll never go broke. My favorite farewell: See you when I see you. 

publishing credits

Dec 2023 Curious Blue Press... December Tales II anthology... Nurse Nell... short fiction

Feb 2023 Black Ink Fiction...Home Sweet Horror anthology... Open House... micro fiction

Feb 2022 Flash Fiction Magazine... My Mother's Many Scarves... flash fiction

Feb 2022 Dark Secrets Anthology... Madhouse Publishing...
Oh, Honey, You Shouldn't Have...short fiction

Feb 2021 Right Hand Pointing Special Issue Haiku 2021... New England Wisdom

Sep 2020 Novel Noctule #9 The All-Seeing

Used as illustration for House of Flies. Also, see Artist's Spotlight

Aug 2020 Every Day Fiction Options...flash fiction

Aug 2020 Frostfire Worlds Troll &

Jun 2020 Stonecoast Review Blackbird

Mar 2020 The Horror Zine Gallery of artwork

( link no longer available )

Feb 2020 The Horror Zine 

Freak Storm...short fiction

( link no longer available ) 

Feb 2020 Scifaikuest The Night is Ours art

Dec 2019 Aphelion Webzine 

Orion....short fiction

Dec 2019 Alban Lake Publishing Drabble # 15 

Under the Eaves...drabble

Dec 2019 parABnormal Magazine 

Moon Maidens of

Nov 2019 Microfiction Monday - 89th 

Fully Immersed...flash fiction

Sep 2019 Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (photo) fiction contest runner-up

Jul 2019 Fifty-Word Stories...Loitering

May 2019 Scifaikuest...Refugees...cover art

Apr 2019 cc&d...Old Couples...poetry/prose

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Apr 2019 cc&d...Stolen Wishes...poetry

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Feb 2019 The Five-Two poems on crimes poetry

Dec 2018 Natural Light (collection) 

A Day Remembered (reprint)

Nov 2018 Windows of Remembrance Collection of Issues includes The Last Guru 

A Day Remembered (reprint)

Nov 2018 Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (photo) fiction contest runner-up

Oct 2018 Folded Word...Cape Cod...poetry

Jul 2018 Down in the Dirt...The Last Guru 

A Day Remembered...fiction 

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Jun 2018 Aphelion Webzine...Nineteen...flash fiction

Feb 2018 Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (photo) fiction contest runner-up


Time to own up to these previously anonymous little gems. Actually, they're fun to read and fun to write. I wish I had sold more to Ephemera, Inc, Don't Panic Designs and Duck and Cover Productions for novelty products. Rate paid: $35 - $50 each. Not too shabby!


It’s Early – Talk Slowly – Use Smaller Words

We’re Not Gossiping – We’re Networking

I was once a Tomboy – Now I’m a Full Grown Lesbian

Pick One: When Hell Freezes Over; When Monkeys Fly Out My Ass

If Only You’d Use Your Powers for Good Instead of Evil

I can’t do a thing with my hair so just concentrate on my tits

My Kitchen Is Bitchin’

I Keep the Best Snacks Under my Apron

Feel free to use me as a model of Perfection

Step aside and let a real psycho show you how it’s done

I survived the 20th century

Too Dumb for College, Too Smart for Welfare

I see a little boy who could use a good spanking

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Virginity Back

Half the fun of growing up is making the same mistakes your parents did

How’s My Road Rage?

Life is a tacky lounge act – You’re on in Five

If I can’t irritate you, no one can

For THIS I came out of the closet?

Sure hope the boss gets laid soon

My life is in the toilet and all you can do is reach for the handle?

Look out kids – Mommy feels a lecture coming on

Wouldn’t you be more comfortable doing your own job?